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You put pressure on Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn to #DebateHer - and it's working

November 5, 2019 12:00 PM
By Liberal Democrats
Originally published by UK Liberal Democrats

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn are running scared.

That was the message coming across when ITV announced an election debate at the end of last week - but only between the two tired old parties.

This is a stitch-up by Labour and the Conservatives. Two men having a cosy pro-Brexit debate and shutting out the woman leader of the strongest party of Remain. It's unacceptable, and we want to see it changed.

You agreed with us - over 35,000 people signed the #DebateHer petition over this weekend alone. Thank you!

In fact, earlier today, Sky announced they'd be including Jo in their own debate on the 28th November. That's in part thanks to pressure from people like you signing our petition!

I'm in. Will you show up @BorisJohnson & @jeremycorbyn?#DebateHer

- Jo Swinson (@joswinson) November 4, 2019

The question now is simple - will Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn debate her?

People from across the political divide and outside of it have supported our campaign - including Anna Soubry:

There is no debate unless @joswinson is part of this debate. Not getting into silly arguments about who leads the strongest party of remain given my record but given the polls it's a no brainer #DebateHer

- Anna Soubry (@Anna_Soubry) November 1, 2019

Comedian Matt Forde:

Jeremy Corbyn rails against a "rigged system" then stitches up a deal with Boris Johnson to exclude Jo Swinson from the TV debate. All of us need to hear from at least the 3 major party leaders and in a Brexit election, it's outrageous to exclude the voice of Remain #DebateHer

- Matt Forde (@mattforde) November 2, 2019

Historian Dan Snow:

Get her on that stage.

- Dan Snow (@thehistoryguy) November 1, 2019

Holby City actress Catherine Russell:

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn are running scared of debating @JoSwinson. Voters deserve to hear from a Remainer. Add your name: #DebateHer

- Catherine Russell (@catherinerusse2) November 1, 2019

Chancellor of the University of Kent Gavin Esler:

It does seem absurd that at a time when the two party system is chaotic to exclude @joswinson from the first TV debate. What possible legitimate excuse can there be for this?

- Gavin Esler (@gavinesler) November 4, 2019

Dragon's Den star Deborah Meaden:

A debate between Corbyn and Johnson does not reflect that the Political Landscape has changed forever...this is not a 2 horse race and people need a serious choice across many parties....would be good to see a Woman in the room too.

- Deborah Meaden (@DeborahMeaden) November 1, 2019

And YouGov today published a poll showing 53% of the population in favour of Jo being part of the debate:

By 53% to 26% Brits say Jo Swinson should be invited to take part in the live TV debate happening between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn

- YouGov (@YouGov) November 4, 2019

It's time for the leaders of the tired old Brexit parties and ITV to listen. Remain deserves a voice. Jo Swinson must be included in the TV debate.

Agree? Sign the petition now:

Get Jo Swinson on the ITV election debate - sign now

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