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Welcome to Stafford and Stone Liberal Democrats' website. Here you will find up to date news and information - both local and national - all part of our pledge to 'keep in touch' throughout the year. We cover Stafford Borough and the parliamentary constituencies of Stafford and Stone.

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  • Article: Jun 26, 2017

    Ed Davey said:

    "The government announcement on EU citizens leaves so much in doubt. From the description it seems as if this is ID cards by the backdoor.

    "David Davis resigned his seat and caused a by-election because he was disgusted by the assault on civil liberties by the then Labour government. What will he do this time round?

  • Article: Jun 26, 2017

    "Far from being 'fair and serious', this proposal offers very little and shows the government is continuing in its callousness. Theresa May should be utterly ashamed this is the best they can come up with, a year on.

    It offers little in the way of reassurance to EU citizens who have made Britain their home and continues to use them as bargaining chips.

  • Kate Parminter (https://twitter.com/kateparminter)
    Article: Jun 26, 2017
    By Kate Parminter in The Independent

    Speaking to the Independent The Liberal Democrats' environment spokesperson Kate Parminter said: "With Michael Gove at the helm, we risk seeing any future environment strategy watered down and vital EU protections for our wildlife, habitats and air quality slashed after Brexit."

    Ms Parminter added: "Two years on, the Conservative's long-awaited environment strategy is still nowhere to be seen," she said. "Instead we have a dismal record of failure, with no real attempts to tackle air pollution, address water shortages or reduce the risk of flooding."

  • york zero carbon (GreenLibDems.org.uk)
    Article: Jun 25, 2017

    June 2017 greenlibdem bulletin

    From mailchimp at: http://mailchi.mp/1ee74155eef2/latest-from-green-lib-dems

    Fellow members,
    Thanks for your support.
    please take a minute to have a read - see you in Bournemouth?
    Graham Neale,
    Chair, Green Liberal Democrats

    Welcome to our summer bulletin,
    please follow the links below for more information, and get in touch with any questions.

    It's great that we have 12 MPs, with a strong team across both Houses.

    We are starting to prepare for Autumn Conference. Formal notice will be going in the next few weeks, but GLD members are welcome and encouraged to stand for positions on our executive committee.

    The summer is well and truly upon us, bringing a spell of hot weather unprecedented in its length, and the worst fire in London since the 2nd world war. The Green Liberal Democrats join the whole country in mourning the seventy-nine victims of the Grenfell Tower fire.

    Of course, the fire rounded off a terrible week for this Tory government. Following the loss of her majority in the Commons, Theresa May's paired down Queen's Speech leaves much to be desired. GLD Executive member Steve Bolter's article on Green Points on Legislation mentioned in the Queen's Speech can be read here

  • Gas Flares (GreenLibDems.org.uk)
    Article: Jun 23, 2017
    By Steve Mason

    Briefing: Fracking - An attack on local democracy

    Though not in the Queen's speech, the changes proposed by the Conservative Party to the planning laws surrounding the development of onshore oil and gas exploration, plus the further commitment to develop the shale gas industry (fracking) are alarming.

  • Queen's Euro Hat (https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2017/jun/21/queens-hat-alludes-to-brexit)
    Article: Jun 23, 2017
    By Steve Bolter

    Points on Legislation mentioned in the Queen's Speech June 2017

    The Repeal Bill will turn European Law into UK law and repeal the European Communities Act 1972. It will give the Tory government sweeping powers to change British law without votes in Parliament MPs; supposedly to allow for speedy technical editing out of references to EU institutions.

  • Article: Jun 23, 2017

    The Liberal Democrats have criticised Theresa May as "cold and heartless," following the shock revelation she blocked attempts to guarantee the right to stay for EU nationals immediately after the referendum.

    In a scathing editorial in the Evening Standard today, George Osborne revealed that "in the days immediately after the referendum, David Cameron wanted to reassure EU citizens they would be allowed to stay. All his Cabinet agreed with that unilateral offer, except his Home Secretary, Mrs May, who insisted on blocking it."

    It comes as the Liberal Democrats have set out a list of four demands that must be addressed in the government's paper on the rights of EU nationals on Monday, including ending the "bureaucratic nightmare" faced by EU citizens applying for permanent residency.

    A recent report revealed that at the Home Office's current workrate, it will take around 11 years to process the millions of expected residency requests from EU nationals.

    Liberal Democrat Brexit Spokesperson Tom Brake said:

  • Article: Jun 23, 2017

    The Liberal Democrats have tabled an amendment to the Queen's Speech calling for Britain to stay the single market and customs union.

    The party is now calling on both Labour and Conservative MPs to support the amendment and inflict a historic defeat on the government, forcing Theresa May to soften her extreme approach to Brexit.

  • Wind Power (GreenLibDems.org.uk)
    Article: Jun 22, 2017
    By Julian Pycraft

    Mankind has managed to bring famine, plague and war under control due to phenomenal economic growth, which provides us with abundant food, medicine, energy and raw materials. But this same growth has destabilised the ecological equilibrium. Despite all talk of pollution, global warming and climate change, most countries have yet to make any serious economic sacrifices to improve the situation. Politicians choose growth over ecological stability. To avoid catastrophe and survive, mankind has to acknowledge and address the enormous environmental challenges ahead.

    Scientific progress and economic growth take place within a sensitive biosphere, and as they gather steam, the shock waves destabilise the ecology. Progress and growth is destroying the ecosystem, wiping out fauna, flora, forests, seas and posing an existential threat to humans. An ecological meltdown will cause economic ruin, political turmoil, a fall in human standards of living and threaten the very existence of human civilisation. There is no justice in history. When disaster strikes, the poor almost always suffer far more than the rich, even if the rich caused the tragedy in the first place. Some of the refugee flows into Europe originate not only from conflict, but also from places where there are food shortages, which will get far worse as climate change continues.

    Food production is the leading driver of greenhouse emissions, even larger than energy production. The path to a sustainable future will require unleashing the creative power of our best scientists, engineer, entrepreneurs, backed by public and private investment, to deploy new innovations in climate-smart agriculture. Better seeds, better storage, crops that use less water, grow in harsher climates, mobile technologies that put more agriculture date - satellite imagery, weather forecasting and market prices - into the farmer's hands. We can help ensure food security, producing the food to produce billions of people and not destroy the planet in in the process.

    We need to create a food culture that encourages a demand for healthier, more sustainable food, alleviating huge increasing medical costs such as obesity. We need to set aside politics in favour of clean air, sustainable food and water. People naturally understand the connection between smokestacks and energy production and greenhouse gases. Most people aren't as familiar with the impact of cows and methane. Animal agriculture and its by-products contributes to 51% ("Cowspiracy") of global greenhouse gases when our entire transportation; cars, trucks, trains, planes all put together which contributes 13%. Animal agriculture is clearing 1-2 acres of rainforest every second, making it responsible for 91% of the Amazon destruction. 110 animal and insect species are lost every day from rainforest destruction, animal agriculture now making itself the leading cause of species extinction, ocean dead zones, water pollution and habitat destruction,

    Renewable technologies use natural energy to make electricity - including wind, wave, marine, hydro, biomass and solar. These renewables currently produce over 20% of the UK's electricity and whilst that figure is slowly rising there is a greater need from them if climate change is to be reduced.

    The highest safe level of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere is 350 parts per million. We're now at 400. Air pollution causes 40,000 premature deaths each year as well as all the health risks involved it also has a catastrophic effect on our environment, contributing to acid rain, haze, ozone depletion, effects on wildlife, crop and forest damage, global climate change and more.

    Increasing air pollution increases climate change and adds to global warming. It's been calculated that the least we could hope to do without it having catastrophic implications as far as drought, famine and other disasters are concerned would be around a 2 degree increase in temperature which we are rapidly approaching and with all the built-in carbon dioxide that's in the atmosphere we're easily going to exceed that. If action isn't taken now it won't be until whole countries go under water because of sea level rise and whole countries find that there's so much drought that they can't feed their population and as a result they need to desperately migrate to another country or worse, invade another country. There could be potential climate wars in the future.

    One of climate change's biggest victims are our oceans. Oceans regulate our Earth's temperature and provide 50% of the World's oxygen. The Earth's oceans have increased in temperature. One of these consequences is the increase in ocean acidification. This is the direct effect of dissolved Co2. This higher acid content is putting the entire ocean food chain at risk also. 80.4 million metric tons of fish are pulled from the ocean each year, it's bad news for the one billion people that rely on the ocean as its primary source of protein.

    There's not one solution to climate change. We need to live by the assumption that what is good for the world, is good for us. We're part of the cause, we can also be part of the solution

    Julian Pycraft

  • Article: Jun 22, 2017
    By Chris Higman, LDEG member based in Germany

    In February, as I was writing an earlier article in this series, construction workers on a site near Frankfurt airport found an unexploded bomb from the Second World War. Motorway and railway connections to the airport had to be interrupted while the bomb was being defused. In April, on the eve of the Boat Race, a similar incident occurred in London near Putney Bridge. Last month (May) saw further cases in Hannover (with 50,000 people needing to be evacuated), Gie├čen 70 km north of Frankfurt and again in Frankfurt itself.